Me-O Tuna Adult Cat Food (3Kg)

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Me-O presents a delicious and highly nutritious dietary formula for perfect health and happiness of your adult cat. The real fish meat diet consists of the right quantity of protein to build strong and lean muscles. Taurine amino acid from meat-based protein performs the vital role of supporting the vision and heart of the feline. Immune system gets a good boost with the addition of vitamin C; it also helps to reduce environmental stress. Well-balanced ratios of calcium, phosphorus and vitamin D will result in stronger bones and teeth. Lowering the sodium content helps to support the health of heart, kidneys, and to lower the risk of high blood pressure. Thoughtfully chosen nutrients also assist in reducing the risk of lower urinary tract infection.
Ingredients Calcium Phosphorous & Vitamin D, FLUTD, Low sodium, Omega 3&6 and Zinc, Taurine, Vitamin C
Flavors Tuna
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