E-commerce Sector: Creating Career Opportunities For i-Gen / Gen Z

Are you looking for a career in the e-commerce sector? Or are you confused about starting a career in the e-commerce sector? Then this article might help you to make the right decision.

The E-commerce platform is rapidly growing. In the current perspective, e-commerce has long term global growth. This growth will be sustained with the evolving generation. The rapid growth of this online marketing will expand more in the future. As the field is about to expand, they will be needing resources and manpower to ensure the service. Our future generation would get better employment opportunities to start their career with.

From the past few years, we have seen that the rate of unemployment in Bangladesh has decreased after the booming of the e-commerce sector.

Fresh graduates are struggling to get jobs. Because of the lack of job opportunities, graduates are remaining unemployed. The critical process of recruiting is also one of the reasons behind unemployment. In that case e-commerce platforms are like a blessing to the new graduates. Suffering graduates can tend to find the way out to start their career.

As a booming sector, prioritizing customer service is their main concern. So, they need efficient manpower to serve their customers. Thus, this sector has increased employment opportunities. In future years the career in e-commerce platforms will gradually expand. And this will be a great opportunity for future generations.

During the pandemic situation, while other businesses were facing a tough time, e-commerce businesses were fueled up. As we are evolving and becoming technologically advanced, our dependence on the online sector is also increasing.

E-commerce businesses not only provide necessaries to the customers’ doorstep during the pandemic period. But it has also created career opportunities for many. During the lockdown, when the doors of other job sectors were closing, e-commerce platforms opened a new door for them. Involving with e-commerce now they can support their families.

According to Asif Ahnaf, Director of e-Commerce Association of Bangladesh (e-CAB), almost 1 lakh people choose e-commerce platforms as their career. He also added that, within the upcoming 3 years, if the growth trend continues it would be possible to create 5 lakh jobs in this booming sector.

If the growth continues then the e-commerce sector will create thousands of great job opportunities for future generations. This would create employment Opportunities for i-Gen / Gen Z.

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